Help (Mud)

A |gMUD|n, or Multi-User Dungeon, is the common name for text-based multiplayer games with<br />a shared world. Different variations are MUSH, MUX, MOO etc, generally abbreviated as MU*.<br /><br />These games were the precursors to graphical MMO's and MMORPGs but are still played to<br />this day. The experience is maybe best described as the difference between reading a book<br />and watching a movie. Roleplaying and imagination can often take much more of a front row.<br /><br />From a development perspective, a MU* is much less resource demanding than its graphical<br />counterpart. Importanly, creating text assets is also much cheaper than graphical assets.<br />This means that a small team or even a single developer can realistically (if still with<br />lot of work, no way around that!) create, run and maintain a MU* of exceptional depth and<br />quality.