Help (Commands)

To control a MUD you need to enter |gcommands|n. The most common commands you'll use here<br />in the demo are commands to view or interact with the world, such as |wlook|n or |wget|n.<br />The |whelp|n command is an important ally to figure out what you can do.<br /><br /> |whelp|n<br /><br />This gives you a list of all available help topics.<br /><br /> |whelp general|n<br /><br />This will list all general commands. To get more info about, say, the |wlook|n command, try<br /><br /> |whelp look|n<br /><br />You have Builder-permissions on this demo server, which means you can build and create<br />new objects as well as examine their technical underpinnings in detail. Use<br /><br /> |whelp Building|n<br /><br />to get some ideas of the commands you can try. But please only build new things in the<br />|gSandbox|n area so as to keep things clean!